Charles Goodnight and Lonesome Dove

We are Kin folks, I am like a Seventh Cousin removed a couple of times or more, who is counting though, but find it kinda neat that we are remotely but still linked to my fellow and Famous Texan.

Peter (2) Boucher, wife is Sarah “Sally” Goodnight. Sarah is the Daughter of Hans (John) Micheael Goodnight. Han’s Brother George (Gerick) Goodnight, is the Great Great Grandfather of Charles Goodnight. Both Hans and George are sons of Michael Gutknecht (Goodnight).

We are decendents from Gabriel Boucher, who is the Brother of Peter (2) Boucher, both are sons of Peter Boucher, who is my Great X4 GrandFather, and Gabriel Boucher is my Great X3 Grandfather. from my Grandmother Alta Josephine (Boucher) Vauthier Family Line.

The Genealogy fits if you look at the tree, although I had to initially draw it all out to see.

See Genealogy Chart of  “Relationship between Loyd M. Vauthier and Charles Goodnight“. Note:  the page will open up a .png file in your browser in a new window/page.

The book “William Moore Goodnight of Johnson County, Missouri, 1875 – 1951″ also contains a chapter about Colonel Charles GOODNIGHT (pp. 239 – 259). According to page 243, “His great-grandfather, George Goodnight, was the brother of our ancestor, John Michael Goodnight, both of whom were killed by the Indians in Kentucky during the early 1780′s.” The authors state that incorrect information was recorded in “The Dictionary of American Biography”, Volume IV, page 292, stating that Charles was instead descended from John Michael’s son Isaac.

Page 242 states that Charles wrote that he was born in 1836, Macoupin Co., IL. He wrote that his father, Charles GOODNIGHT, was born in KY, migrated to IL, and died about five years after 1836. He stated that he had heard of one uncle on his father’s side whom be believed was named David.


Where does the Lonesome Dove, Pulitzer Prize-winning western novel written by Larry McMurtry, and It was then made into a four-part TV miniseries, which won six Emmy Awards and was nominated for 13 others.

According to McMurtry, Gus and Call were not modeled after historical characters, but there are similarities with real-life cattle drivers Oliver Loving and Charles Goodnight. When Goodnight and Loving’s guide Bose Ikard died, Goodnight carved a wooden tombstone for him, just as Call does for Deets. Upon Loving’s death, Goodnight brought him home to be buried in Texas, just as Call does for Augustus. Under the heading of “Allusions/references to actual history and current science” referenced toward the bottom of the page, of wiki link at []

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