South Texas Days

I Want to Hold Your Hand

It was late December 1963 when I first heard “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by the British musical group known as The Beatles. I really liked the song, not knowing at the time, I would enjoy The Beatles and their music all of my life. “The Ed Sullivan Show is an American TV variety […]

Mr. Hayes

My first year of school in South Texas was at Lamar Elementary School in 1960. It is not important to my memory that this was my first year of school in South Texas. It is just a place marker for one of a few an individual Teachers that had an influence on me. Those teachers […]

Lands Drive Inn

The Seventh Grade, E. Merle Smith Junior High School, 1961. There were several new things I experience when I entered Junior High School. One such things was wonderful and stayed with me not only, throughout my few years in Junior High, and High School but beyond. That was the experience of eating at Lands Drive […]

Corner Gas Station

Our Family first moved to South Texas, in 1960. We lived on North Odem Avenue, in Sinton, San Patricio County, Texas. We had just moved a few weeks back, and it was time to mow the grass. I do not remember where my Brother Ralph was at, or maybe he pulled a Huckleberry Finn’s, “White […]

N. Odem Avenue

North Odem Avenue, don’t remember the number, think it was 221 (see note at bottom of page), but not sure. This is the street where the first house we as a Family first settled in, in Sinton, Texas. The year was 1960. I was month away from attending the sixth grade. The house was located […]

As if it wasn’t there

I guess there are not to many folks around that know that my classmates and I were the last Senior Class and therefore the last to graduate from the old Sinton High School in 1967. I believe the building is now occupied by Sinton Independent School District and used for adult classes in the evening. (snapshot […]

One of My Dad’s Great Barbecues

  Barbecue is a meal, or gathering at which meat, fish, or other food is cooked out of doors on a rack over an open fire or on a grill. The words originated in the mid 17th century : from Spanish ” barbacoa “. The original sense of the word, meant some sort of wooden […]

The Tattoo

The Tattoo My high School Days, Junior Year of Sinton High School. Jon, Tony, Steve, Sonny, and Mike. What a Team. Mom and Dad did not like that I hung out with these guys, but I like them had a bit of a rebel spirit in me. Jon being the oldest and a year or two […]

Locker Room Boy

Locker Room Boy The tardy bells for class had already rang. It was one of three locker rooms, which altogether were setup at the beginning or at the end of each of the eight or so ramps, which had class rooms off to one side of them. Whether it was the beginning or end depends […]