Growing Up in Dublin, Texas

Blue Tiki God

I call it my “Blue Tiki God”. My Brother Kenneth hand carved and painted it for me. It is made out of balsa, a very light wood from a tropical tree. It has been many years since its birth in the late 1950s, but it is still with me and in pretty good shape.

How Could I Forget

These memories came to me today, lined up and then lead me from one to another, and another. Dusty, the Family Dog, was half dachshund and half terrier. He was redish brown in color with a golden tint seen when the sunlight was on him. The last time I saw him was when I returned […]

I am a Lucky Guy

I am a Lucky Guy – Growing Up in Dublin, Texas I am a Lucky Guy, I have two older Brothers, who were always there for me, especially when I was small, and two pretty neat little Sisters, too. When I was growing up in Dublin, Texas life was full. Everyday was like a new […]

Drive-In Picture Show

Drive-In Picture Show Growing Up in Dublin, Texas As I mentioned in Part I, my Brother Kenneth had Black 40 Ford Sedan, although I am sure I rode in it more than once, I remember one time in particular, the Drive-in trip, Dublin had a Drive-In back in the late fifties, and it also had […]

Dublin Lions Football Field

Dublin Lions Football Field – Growing Up in Dublin, Texas My Brother Kenneth played Tight-End for the Dublin Football Team. Each Friday night that Dublin played their Home Games the whole family would go. I remember a couple of incidents which happened at that field. As a kid I would play under the bleachers when […]

Dish Washing Hierarchy

Dish Washing Hierarchy – Growing Up in Dublin, Texas I guess it is no longer any concern today with most houses having an Automatic Dish Washer in their house. But when I was growing up there what I call the Dish Washing Hierarchy. After the evening meal was finished, any left over scarps had been […]

The BB Incident

The BB Incident – Growing Up in Dublin, Texas One hot summer day I was outside our house on 502 Thomas Street. I had just came downthe steps of the concrete porch and was headed for the stockyard and pasture, where we would spend a lot of our time playing and what not, when something […]

Tree House

Tree House – Growing Up in Dublin, Texas Across Harris Street, next to the side of our house was another area we would play, and another large mesquite tree. We gathered rocks from the field behind it, and made a small wall to form a fort for playing Cowboys and Indians, or like we were […]

Run, Run, Run….. Runaway

Run, Run, Run….. Runaway – Growing Up in Dublin, Texas Del Shannon song by the same name runs through my head, as I began to type this… “I’m walking in the rain,to the Ball and I feel a pain, and I wonder, I Wa-Wa-Wa-Wa Wonder, if you will stay, my little runaway, my run run run Runaway….” […]

Stormy Night

Stormy Night – Growing Up in Dublin, Texas Every now and again we get some pretty nice Thunder Storms coming through north central Texas. Well one night it came a gully washer. In the pasture there was trail worn in the grass which stood about knee high, it lead from the beginning of the pasture […]

Stockyards and Hobos

Stockyards and Hobos – Growing Up in Dublin, Texas In front of our house was a pasture, where my Father kept a couple of cows, and usually a few pigs. Next to the pasture was a stockyard used to keep the Rodeo stock prior to them being used in the Dublin Rodeo, and after the […]

Pasture Escape

Pasture Escape – Growing Up in Dublin, Texas Now we were all responsible for the care taking of the cows and making sure they would stay in their designated area, the pasture. Dad had two milk cows a brown one think we just called her Brownie and then a bluish gray and white one called […]

The Butter Churn

The Butter Churn – Growing Up in Dublin, Texas Every day I would have to stretch the water hose across the gravel road in front of our house and make sure the water trough for the cows was filled up with water. This was a must as they get hot and thirsty just like we […]

My Baptism, Lord Help Me

My Baptism, Lord Help Me – Growing Up in Dublin, Texas My Mom tried to get us kids to church and Sunday School, man I hated it I would have rather been playing outside rifing bikes, or down by the stockyards or trying to catch a crawfish with a piece of bacon on a string, […]

Ice ? in Dublin Texas

Ice ? in Dublin Texas – Growing Up in Dublin, Texas Alright I have to admit it does get cold in Dublin Texas from time to time. It happened while I was in the the first or second year. We would always walk to school as it was really only a couple of blocks away. […]

Invasion of Sandbox City

Invasion of Sandbox City – Growing Up in Dublin, Texas There on the corner of Thomas and East Harris St. / Harbin Road was a large mesquite tree and beneath the shade of the mesquite was Sand Box City. Dad had taken two, 2 X 6 boards and placed them to form a border facing […]

Tonsil Removal and Rebirth

Tonsil Removal and Rebirth – Growing Up in Dublin, Texas I do not remember being sick and in the hospital at all except for when I had my Tonsils taken out. It was around Christmas Time when I was six or seven. I remember it was hard for me to swallow and when I did […]

Bikes and Kites

Bikes and Kites – Growing Up in Dublin, Texas Emmet and Jimmy were two boys, who lived down the street from us, and my Brother Ralph and my buddies, when we were kids. We all had fix-em-up bikes, we all wore cutoffs and hand me down clothes. Our bikes were nothing fancy, just the frame, […]

No one but a Texan (About Growing Up in Dublin, Texas)

No one but a Texan – About Growing Up in Dublin, Texas No one but a Texan can truly understand what it means to grow up in Texas. Of all the States in the United States there are three, maybe four that people outside the United States think of and two, maybe three that don’t […]

Squirrel Boy Lives

  Squirrel Boy Lives What a wonderful life I have as a child, ” …but I still do not understand.”, said the innocent grinning Squirrel Boy. It is all peanut butter and syurp, then it was peanut butter and honey, ever since Grandpa Ragland raised those bees, that got in my hair and stung my […]