Mike’s Philosophy

Traveling Through Time and Space

Traveling Through Time and Space Setting Still we are all still moving. So the next time someone tells you to get a move on, you can tell them you are already moving over 2 million miles per hour. _____________________________________________________________________   Earth 18.52 mps (Miles per Second) 66,673.36046 mph (Miles per Hour)   29.80566 kps (Kilometers […]

2,018,304,000 seconds

2,018,304,000 seconds in 64 years 31,536,000 seconds in a year X 64 86,400 seconds in a day 3,600 seconds in a hour 60 seconds in a minute __________ “Nemo Nobody aged 118: Each of these lives is the right one! Every path is the right path. Everything could have been anything else and it would […]

Remembering Mom

    Thoughts of Mom have been walking softly in the background of my mind for the past few days. Tangling up, over whelming and interrupting my current ones, sometimes I hear the echoes too … “LOYD MICHAEL”. I miss her, as I am sure all of us do in our own special way. January […]

Ghost Sighting

My Ghost from May 20, 2008, in the Texas Hill Country. It was late at night, around 2 am. I had just been outside photographing the moon. I came back to my room and was reviewing the photos I had just taken when this rush of cool air came over me. The only light I […]

Logical Song

The Logical Song “story of… idealism lost” Steve B. Now, I do not think of you every day, but every now and again. Especially when “The Logical Song” comes ’round in iTunes, then my gray matter erupts with its somewhat shaky synapses, forming the memory traces which links this song to memories bringing them to […]

Relaxation Steps

Mike’s Relaxation Steps : It is best to have someone coach you through these steps until you have them down and feel comfortable that you can do them on your own. 1. Find a quiet location within your house where you can lay down and relax, you can do this setting in a recliner, etc. […]

“Sgt. Pepper’s Turns 40” for Mary Kate

“Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” Album Turns 40 (Pic from full screen iTunes on my Mac) The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper Album Turned Forty Years Old this last Friday. It was on the News and in the papers and all over the internet. One of the best links that I surfed up on the internet […]

Found Lost Twin

Since Mom mentioned to Barbara one time, that she thought I travelled so much, because I was looking for my Twin…..I saw this in a Dutch Newspaper and thought about what she said. (Scanned Newspaper and photo of me… )

1,830,297,600 Seconds – not soooo… Grumpy Ramblings

1,830,297,600 Seconds – not so Grumpy Ramblings by Mike Vauthier (Calculations : 365.245614035088 Days in a year * 58 yrs = 21184.24561403511 number of days ; 21184 number of days * 24 hours in a Day = 508416 number of hours ; 508416 number of hours * 60 minutes in an hour = 30504960 ; […]

“The Scream” by Edvard Munch

  “The Scream” is a painting by Edvard Munch, 1863 -1944, who was from Norway. Many think that “The Scream” was done by Van Gogh but it was done by Munch, although he was heavily influenced by Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Toulouse-Lantrec. The painting’s also called “The Cry” (1893), but Munch himself named it “Der […]

A “Dreadful Selfish Crime”

A “Dreadful Selfish Crime” A “Dreadful Selfish Crime” is a song by Robert Earl Keen, who is a Texas Singer, I have come to enjoy. While listening to this song I came to the blind realization that I too, might be guilty of a dreadful selfish crime. Maybe it is just that time of life, […]

Just Look What Thoughts Will Do

Just Look What Thoughts Will Do I some times think we humans are basically flawed. The reason I say this is when I think, and my mind does not really deal with what is present. That is this “Now” thought I am having immediately transforms into something it isn’t. It is mired in the circumstances […]

The Move

The Move “ The best laid plans of Mice and Men often go a stray. “, from Steinbeck’s novel, “Mice and Men”. Guess I could sum it up with that, but that might leave you hanging out there a bit, wondering, “What the heck, did the Poppadillo mean by that?”, I guess I would be […]

20819 days Ramblings of a Grumpy Ol’ Man

20819 days Ramblings of a Grumpy Ol’ Man Happy Birthday…. 365.245614035088 days in a year times 57, countdown started at 7:05 in the morning, on the 24th of April 1949, in Dublin, Texas time. This is a lot of days to be living a life. Understandably the first few years are a bit lost somewhere […]

Cowboys, Cowgirls and Buckaroos

Cowboys, Cowgirls and Buckaroos This is to all my Grandchildren, Grand-nieces, Grand-nephews, and cousins out there. I think that ALL of you, each and every one of you, are GRAND, and I Love You All, Since You are not just down the road from me. I thought I would let you in on some things […]

Texas Tortillas Factory

Texas Tortillas Factory Speaking of Texas, and Tortillas. I searched the internet for the name “Texas Tortilla Factory” and of course got a quite a few items. But the closest and one of the earliest references was a business, which at one time was called the “Texas Tortillas Factory”, (notice that the spelling of tortilla […]

Straddling the Atlantic

Staddling the Atlantic or How I got to Where I am At. I was born,in Dublin, Texas in 1949, along with my identical twin brother, Lynn Monroe, who past away the day after our birth. I spent most of my childhood days in Dublin, and Erath County. Then in 1960, our Family moved South, about […]

Just A Few Things I Like

Just A Few Things I Like It has to go with out saying I like Texas the most. With Texas it goes without saying you like Willie Nelson, but there are a few other things, which I have stuck with over the years, and would like to share them with you all. I will try […]

Tortilla Dogs

Tortilla Dogs I will eat just about anything in a a folded Flour Tortilla. My favorite thing is the Tortilla Dog. Take a flour tortilla and place a slice of Kraft American Cheese on it, then slice an all beef Oscar Mayer Wiener down the middle, and place it on top of the cheese. It […]