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Hadol, Vosges, Lorraine, France

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(snapshot from google maps, Oct 2013)

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(carte postale 1926 - Hadol (Vosges) l'eglise Maison et Jeanne d'Arc)

This town is important to the Vauthier Family History and Genealogy as it is the Birthplace of Charles Vincent Vauthier, my Great Grandfather, who immigrated to America from France in 1874.

Below is the Record/Birth Certification for Charles Vincent Vauthier, who was born to Dominique and Marguerite (Vuillemin) Vauthier, on the 22nd of January 1848. It was recorded in Hadol, (Vosges, Lorraine) France. The province and its town of Hadol is located in the Northwester portion of France.

The two snapshots below were taken from the original two pages recorded in the "Registres d'état civil (1793-1905)" to record Birth for Charles Vincent Vauthier. They are in two parts, because record begins on the bottom of left hand page and ends on the top of the right hand page.

Charles Vincent Vauthier's record of Birth …

(from Registres d'état civil (1793-1905) for Hadol, France)

This official record was retrieved from the "Archives Departementales des Vosges, Genealogie Consulter les archives numerisees, " who maintains the site and microfiche records online. This record was found in the "Registres d'état civil (1793-1905)" for Hadol, France.

More Then …

(carte postale - Hadol (Vosges) Interieur de E'glise)

(carte postale Hadol, France - vue generale aerienne )

(carte postale Hadol, France - HADOL Portail de E'glise sortie d'office)

(carte postale Hadol, France - Hadol (Vosges) Le Cimetiere)

Buzegney, Vosges, Lorraine, France

Below are Post Cards and Pictures from Buzegney, France. This is the town where Charles Vincent Vauthier (21) and Marie Louise Vuillemin (15) lived after their marriage on 5 July 1869 in Hadol, Vorges, Lorraine, France.

The towns of Dounoux, where Marie was born in 1853., Hadol, where Charles Vincent was born and they were married, and Buzegney form a triangle.

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Then ...

(carte postale Hadol, France - BUZEGNEY L'Ecole et la route de la houssiere)

Then ...

(carte postale Hadol, France - HADOL BUSIGNY - La Vallee)

Then ...

(carte postale Hadol, France - BUZEGNEY (Vorges) - Le Centre)

Merci Beaucoup Pierre.

I received a wonderful email from Pierre. Who inquired about the house in Buzegney, that Charles Vincent lived in. In doing so he met an inhabitant of Hadol who explained to him where the house was once located at Buzegney. The house does not exist any more having been destroyed by a fire in 1950.

He also found out that one of the ancestors of Macel Baudouin had bought the house to resell it around 1914. It was bought a few years later by a man named Charton, who then gave it to Annette Laurent, who also lived in Hadol at that time.

Pierre sent two aerial Photographs he obtained from the internet which shows the location of the House in Buzegney and the link so I could look for my self. The link is to the 1949 Photo can be found on . Once there you have to use the mitre "go go up time". I did this and was able to find a with a resolution of 5306 X 3848, really nice detail. The other photograph was taken using Google Earth.

Then ...

The photograph of 1949 shows the house. To seek on by using the mitre “to go up time”.

Now …

The color photo sent to me last year from Pierre. (2013)

Now ...

The last photo was sent to me from Pierre last year. It was taken on the road close to the site of the house, which would be located just on the left of the photographer.

Now ... and Then ...

My combination of the downloaded jpg from 1949 and a snapshot of the geoportail I took from online.

Way Back Then ...

Zoomed in snapshot of Bezegney in 1866, also found on the French web site Pierre referred me to in his email. If you look closely you can see the Charles and Marie's House, as pointed out on the other more recent maps of 1949 and 2014 above.

Way Back Then ...

Snapshot of the Area in 1866, also found on the French web site Pierre referred me to in his email. Notice the three cities, of Dounoux, Hadol, and Buzegney forming the triangle mentioned before.

Note to Pierre... Thanks Again

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Merci beaucoup Pierre. Vous êtes en effet un ami.

Mike (changed as it translated my name to 'micro')

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Thank You Very Much Pierre. You are a Friend indeed.

Best Regards

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