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(updated March 24, 2014 14:43:15)

Welcome to the official blog page for the Texas Tortilla Factory website, the Poppadillo Blog.

The name “Poppadillo”, is a nickname my son Kenneth used for me in years past, so I felt that it would be a good name for the blog.

The Blog Categories are listed alphabetically, and are located in the SideBar (on mobile devices, these categories may appear at the bottom of screen, depending on mobile device).


The following is a description of each of the Texas Tortilla Factory’s Poppadillo Blog Categories.


The “ComputerDays” Category provides information about the Computers I have worked with through out my life, from Personal Computers to Mainframe to Personal Computers and sometimes back again.

It always amazes me how far and how fast technology moves. It  is all  a lot of fun stuff for me to share.


If you would like to know more about me and my Family then the Poppadillo Blog is the place to be. Check out the Poppadillo Blog Category entitled “Growing Up in Dublin, Texas “. There are a bunch of stories about my growing up with my Brothers and Sisters in Dublin, Texas, of course this is from my point of view :-{) .


And of course my ramblings under the “Mike’s Philosophy” Category, which probably be more closely defined as psychological babble from a mad man full of caffeine and assorted ingredients rolled tortillas.


The “Mom and Other Family” Category, are stories from my Mother various Family Members have shared with us.

I have separated the stories that my Mother, Virginia Vauthier, shared with my Sister Barbara, and my Brother Kenneth from the “Family Stories” Category, and  added them to a separate Category specifically for Mom. Thanks to my Sister Barbara Sue, and to my Brother Kenneth and his Wife Melissa for recording them, and passing them on to me to share.

Aunt Mary, recorded and transcribed these stories from Grandpa and Granny Ragland and pasted them on to me. I have added these stories and they are titled “Our Story : Moms Part ” and “Our Story : Dads Part“, both tell a little about there lives as kids and what it was like during their time..

Note :

I ‘Welcome’ any Family Stories from those who would like to share them on the Poppadillo Blog.

I will add them to this category. They are your stories and will remain so. I will post them, and credit you as the author. (You can send them in via email, in the text of the email itself are as an attachment. If as an attachment please send them as a plain text file, Microsoft Word or Apple Pages file, Thanks.)


The category, “South Texas Days” are happenings, which climb out and bring themselves to forefront of my brain, every now and then.

These memories are from the time I lived in South Texas. They exist in the span of time between 1960, when my Family moved from Dublin, Texas, through my teenage years and graduation in 1967, and a few years beyond, all in and around Sinton, Texas, located at the cross roads of Texas 77 and Texas 181.


Please feel free to comment below the individual stories or by emailing me at :

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the Blog.

Endeavor to Persevere,