Charles Vincent Vauthier / Marie Louise VuilleminApril 20, 2014


Name Charles Vincent Vauthier
Occupation: cultivator Buzegney in America in March 1875 to planter Hilloboro USAPlace
Birth22 Jan 1848PlaceHadol 88220, Vosges, Lorraine, France
Marriage05 Jul 1869PlaceDounoux, Vosges, Lorraine, France
Separation: Charles Vincent Immigrated to USA 20 Apr 1874PlaceHadol, Vorges, Lorraine, France
Divorce1894PlaceHadol, Vorges, Lorraine, France
Death: residence on Death Cert.11 Jan 1936Place
Burial: West End Cemetary12 Jan 1936PlaceStephenville, Erath, Texas, USA
Father Dominique VauthierBirth2 Sep 1812
Mother Marguerite VuilleminBirth03 Jul 1814
NoteOral Tradition is that C V Vauthier served in the French ForeignLegion; year immigrated 1873-1874 port of entry : New York,NY; Moved from Hill County Texas Nov. 1900, Erath County WarrantyDeed dated 11-20-1900;Census of 1900 information - Charles V.Vauthier, born Jan, 1848 in France, a naturalized citizen who immigrated to the United States in 1873.
NoteNote Aug 2012 - Charles Vincent Vauthier born 22 Jan 1848, Hadol, France. French Judgement Documents referenced and provided by Pierre Souvay, of Epinal, France, connect him to Hillsboro, Texas.


Name Marie Louise Vuillemin
Occupation: no occupation to Cillieux in 1894, embroiderer to Maufroy to Guménil in 1906 and 1911Place
Birth04 Dec 1853PlaceDounoux, Vosges, Lorraine, France
Father Jean Dominique (2) VuilleminBirth1 Jul 1825
Mother Marie Agathe RichardBirth5 Feb 1828


Name Marie Louis Emile Vauthier
Birth14 May 1870PlaceDounoux, Vosges, Lorraine, France
Death18 Dec 1870PlaceDounoux, Vosges, Lorraine, France
Name Celina Marie Lousie Vauthier
Birth16 Nov 1871PlaceDounoux, Vosges, Lorraine, France
Death22 Jul 1872PlaceDounoux, Vosges, Lorraine, France
Name Marie Anna Vauthier
Birth21 Mar 1874PlaceBuzegney, Hadol, Vorges, France
Death19 Apr 1874PlaceDounoux, Vosges, Lorraine, France
Name Marie Henriette Vauthier
Birth22 Apr 1881PlaceDounoux, Vosges, Lorraine, France
Death29 Sep 1881PlaceDounoux, Vosges, Lorraine, France
Note- Possible Judgement where Charles Vincent Vauthier refused Paternal Rights or may have let it be, as child only lived 5 months. Charles Vincent Vauthier was in the Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas, USA at the time of this birth.


The Missing Links for CVV - Thanks to Pierre Souvay from Epinal, France.

Pierre sent four birth certificates for the Children of Charles Vincent Vauthier and Marie Louise Vuillemin.

Children :
Marie Louis Emile (Vauthier) 14 May 1870
Celina Marie Louise (Vauthier) 16 Nov 1871
Marie Anna (Vauthier) 21 Mar 1874
Marie Georges (Vauthier) 8 July 1892

Charles Vincent is shown as Present for the first three children and in Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas via Judgement for the fourth. The judgement relates to the refusal of paternity concerning Marie Georges, born in 1892.

In 1893, the couple was tojours married in France.
Things Change 12 Feb 2010 ?

From GeneaNet page of Anne-Marie et Etienne Baur;pz=etienne+marie+charles;nz=baur;ocz=0;p=charles+vincent;n=vauthier

As of 12 Feb 2010 -- now has the year of death for Marie Louise Vuillemin, 1873 removed, and children added pass the time that our Charles Vincent Vauthier had came to America in 1878. The date of birth Charles Vincent is now 22 Jan 1848 a day off our date of 21 Jan 1848. Also the place of birth has changed from Epinal to Hadol, 88220, Lorraine France.

From their page ….

Charles Vincent VAUTHIER

Birth 22 January 1848 - Hadol, 88220, Lorraine, France
Consanguinity : 0.15%

Dominique VAUTHIER (36 years old), birth about 1812 - Saint-Laurent, 88000, Lorraine, France, died before July 1869

Married 10 September 1833, Hadol, 88220, Lorraine, France, to
Marguerite VUILLEMIN (33 years old), birth 3 July 1814 - Hadol, 88220, Lorraine, France, died

Spouses and children
-Married 5 July 1869, Dounoux, 88220, Lorraine, France, to Marie Louise VUILLEMIN , birth 4 December 1853 - Dounoux, 88220, Lorraine, France, died, consanguinity : 0.78% (parents : Jean Dominique VUILLEMIN †/1868 & Marie Agathe RICHARD ) ,
--Marie Célina VAUTHIER 1882-1976
--Marie Émile Léon VAUTHIER 1886-1960
--Marie Georges VAUTHIER 1892

- Marie Libert VAUTHIER 1836 Married 8 January 1856, Hadol, 88220, Lorraine, France, to Prosper GRANDCLAUDON ca 1832
- Marguerite VAUTHIER 1839 Married 19 July 1859, Hadol, 88220, Lorraine, France, to Joseph LOUIS ca 1831-/1886
- Marie VAUTHIER 1840 Married 21 January 1862, Hadol, 88220, Lorraine, France, to Alexandre LOUIS 1839
- Charles Vincent VAUTHIER 1848 Married 5 July 1869, Dounoux, 88220, Lorraine, France, to Marie Louise VUILLEMIN 1853
- Marie Rose Euphrasie VAUTHIER 1851 Married 24 September 1879, Hadol, 88220, Lorraine, France, to Marie "Nicolas" HAILLANT 1844

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